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Santa's Wishlist Box at Wynona Studios in Oregon City

As some of your know, we are a remote outpost of the North Pole and have been deputized by the big man himself (Santa Claus) to keep holiday wishlists here at Wynona Studios. We know its a little early, but some of your start your shopping early to be finished before Christmas Eve (what a concept!), so we wanted to let you know about a great service we offer here at Wynona Studios.

You can come in, grab an index card out of the Santa’s Wishlist Box and fill it out with everything you want from Wynona Studios! Then let those friends and family that are shopping for you know to stop by here and check out your card. We are always happy to help with any shopping for those not familiar with the ways of yarn and offer free gift wrapping for anything purchased off a wishlist card. And if there is isn’t anything they think is quite right, we offer gift certificates too.

Last year we had a few very intelligent but yarn clueless husbands stop by, hand over the credit card and tell us to get them $xx.xx worth of “stuff she wants.” They then headed next door for a an amble through the train shop and/or a coffee and the newspaper. We pulled the card, picked what we knew their wife wanted the most off the shelf and when they came back it was all wrapped up and ready to go! One said it was the easiest Christmas shopping he had ever done!

The box is out now and ready for you to come fill out your card! This is a free service and open to anyone that would like to take the time to participate.


Classes posted through December!

I just finished getting the classes through December posted and organized on the website. We have LOTS going on this fall including some returning favorites as well as some brand spanking new classes! You can sign up for classes by clicking on the “CLASSES” tab above.

We are introducing a few new classes but the biggest are our new series. By popular demand we have packaged both our Learn to Knit and Learn to Crochet classes into a series of three classes. This bundles the Learn to, Next Steps and a project class into a three week series. All supplies are included for both series and the cost is $90 per series. We are really excited about this new set of classes and hope you will be too!

Other new classes we are offering:

Felted Soap class taught by the lovely, talented and oh so entertaining Ruth Beck. She will be bringing her handmade soap and you get to use some locally produced fiber to make a felted cover for it. The cost is $35 for this class and includes all supplies. Oct 12th 6pm-8pm.

Fabric Jewelry taught by the whimsical, creative and sparkly Joanna Rood. She will be showing you how to take scraps of pretty fabric and sparkly things like buttons and rhinestones to make fabric yoyos that can be combined to make hair clips, necklaces, bracelets and more. This is a two week class and the class is $50 which includes a yoyo maker and your choice from our selection of fabrics and decorations(although you are welcome to bring any fabric or sparkly things you have at home that you would like to use!). Sept 28th/Oct 5th 6:30pm-8:30pm.

Make Paper Flowers will by taught by our own Grandma Linda. As summer fades, she will show you how to turn tissue paper, crepe paper and even coffee filters into beautiful paper flowers that you can keep all year long. All supplies are included and the cost for this class is $25. Oct 23rd 4pm-6pm.

The talented, patient and oh so smart Anne Berk is back with some returning favorites like Knit Your First Sweater (Nov 15th & 29th, Dec 6th & 13th, $50) but also with some new classes including Finishing Techniques for Hand Knits. This technique filled class will show you how to take your projects to the next level by finishing them off perfectly. Bring in your sweaters, purses, and other projects that are sitting in your knitting basket, finished but not sewn up yet and wear them home! Nov 19th 4pm-7pm, $35. Adding Zippers to Your Knits is a very popular class that will show you how to easily add a zipper to your hand knit cardigan, purse, skirt or pillowcase. Dec 3rd, 12:30pm-3:30pm, $35. And lastly she will be teaching a great holiday gift class on how to Knit Toys! She will show you how to make some fun cute (or funky!) toys for those on your holiday list. Nov 13th, 4pm-7pm $35.

Crochet Frostflower Shawl is here by popular demand! So many people have asked to make this shawl that is displayed in the shop that we have created this class! You will learn to make this modern hexagon granny square shawl that uses the join as you go technique so there is no sewing when you are done. You should know how to make a granny square before taking this class. Bring your own sock yarn (about 1000-1200 yards) and an F or G hook. Cost for this two week class is $45 and includes the pattern. Oct 29th/Nov. 5th 2pm-4pm.

We also have our Learn to Dye class with Sharon Spence the mad genius behind Stitchjones yarn (Oct 29th, 12pm-3pm), spinning classes with Judy, Wrapapalooza and the return of our 6 in 60 holiday gift making fun!

If you have a suggestion or request for a class, please let us know. We are always looking for new ideas!

Hope to see you soon!


Freeeee Cashmeeeeeeere!!!!!

Portland Yarn Crawl March 4th-6th

The second annual Portland Yarn Crawl is coming up this weekend on Friday March 4th, Saturday March 5th, and Sunday March 6th. We are one of 20 participating yarn stores and are so excited! This is a free event and requires no sign up, you just head to any or all of the participating yarn stores and see what they have going on! Each shop has a raffle basket full (overflowingly full) of goodness. You can enter the raffle at each shop, no purchase neccessary. There is also a scavenger hunt, with each shop having a cowl with a number on it. If you collect all the numbers to match the shops, you can send it in to the crawl organizers to win another prize!  Our cowl was designed by the lovely and talented Tammy Burke and will be available for sale during the weekend for $2, with all profits being donated to the Humane Society. You can find the other shops on the crawl and all of the promotions they are having at


Please make sure when you are planning your route that you are taking into account the closure of the Oregon City Arch Bridge. Google maps is still showing it as open. The I-205 bridge is still open and only a mile away, so its easy to work around, but if you have not been here before it could be a little confusing!

We will have extended hours that weekend, open 9am-7pm Friday and Saturday and 9am-6pm on Sunday. This is important to note…as we will be giving away a free skein of cashmere recycled yarn to the first 10 people in the door each day of the crawl! Free cashmere people! Woohoo! There is cream, olive, pumpkin, raspberry, pale pink, coral, lavender, and deep purple cashmere in my basket to choose from. The skeins are all at least 100 yards and some are 300+ yards.  I am expecting a big line, like for a new video game release or Barry Manilow tickets, and will be sorely disappointed if there is not. So bring your camp chair, grab some coffee from Caufield House and form and orderly line. We open at 9am! We will also be having a 25% off sale on all of our recycled yarn!

We will have some special guests in the studio this weekend as well, including Kim Baller and Judy Herndon who are both spinners, and Sharon the lovely dyer from Stitchjones on Sunday. The lovely Wrightberry’s Cupcakes and Custom Cakes has kindly offered a $.25 discount off their regular sized cupcakes to anyone that says they are on the Yarn Crawl, so make sure you stop by and get yours! They are across the street and one block down (past Busch’s Furniture). We are really excited for this weekend and getting the opportunity to show Wynona Studios to all kinds of new people. We hope if you have not been in already that you will take this opportunity to claim some cashmere, enter the raffle, and take a look around. 

Free Cashmere to the first 10 people in the door March 4th, 5th and 6th 2011. Doors open at 9am!


Love is in the Air…..

We have been busy here at Wynona Studios this new year! Lots of new knitters and crocheters being “born” (taking a Learn To class) including 10 more this week alone! Woohoo! Come sign up for a class yourself but clicking on the “classes” tab above. We love teaching people how to knit and crochet. It has also been fun to see how many people are taking the Learn to Drop Spindle classes and falling in love with spinning too. Sometimes its the same people learning to spin and then learning to knit or crochet. Multi-craftual!  Love it!


Speaking of which, something really cool happened this week at the shop. A few months ago Judy bought some of the very lovely jacob/llama blend fiber from Drumcliffe Farms because she wanted to play with it. She spun it up into a few yards of handspun on her drop spindle and brought it back it so we could sell it. Yesterday someone else bought the yarn to use as accent yarn for a crocheted scarf. I just love that three different artists will have touched this creation. Jan and Jeff in raising, shearing and carding the fiber, Judy spinning it into yarn, and then Linda using it to make a scarf. We love that we were able to nurture this fiber from hoof to hook! Love it!


We have also signed up for the Second Annual Portland Yarn Crawl! We had a blast going to all of the yarn stores last year. It was so fun to see them all back to back and get a feel for each ones unique style, vibe and yarn. This year we are thrilled to be one of the stores on the crawl. It is the first weekend in March from Friday the 4th through Sunday the 6th. Love it!

Lastly, we are making Valentines! We had a Valentines Workshop on Superbowl Sunday and had lots of fun. We are having another one this Saturday from 2pm-4pm again and are really looking forward to it. It is only $25 and we provide all the supplies to make one amazing valentine for someone special or as many as you can make in the two hours. Love it!


January Classes!

The January classes are up…and so are the February ones! Woohoo! January’s theme is HATS! We have classes in a basic ribbed hat that would be perfect for a newer knitter wanting to learn to work in the round, a Jayne Cobb hat class for all your Firefly/Serenity fans, an Owl hat with a fun cable that looks just like an owl, as well as a crochet fluted hat with a really interesting construction and a granny square hat that is really retro cool among others.  Instead of  a Knit-a-long, this month we are having a Crochet-a-long and making the snowflake hat. Learn to Drop Spindle with Judy is back as well.

February’s theme is Hearts and we will be having some Valentine’s making parties in the week before the 14th. Come join us and make valentines for all the people you love in your life! We will have lots of paper, ribbon, glitter, paper doilies, cutouts, doodads, fancy scissors, rubber stamps and more out for you to play with.

March’s theme was chosen by Emma and Sarah and is Geeky/Nerdy. We will have lots of Star Wars, Firefly, Dr. Who, and more projects that month!

See you soon!


New things at Wynona Studios!

We have had such a fun week at Wynona Studios! We have lots of new things in the shop area for you to look at. Judy brought in some of Carl’s gorgeous wooden hand-made drop spindles. These babies are soooooo pretty, and they work so well.  Judy matched each one up with a little fiber and a sample of the type of yarn that could be spun with that spindle. She also brought us a few ounces of her Pygora fiber. There is just a little of this available, so grab it quick if you want it! Then Jan and Jeff brought in some of their fiber from Drumcliffe Farm. I am fascinated by the range of natural colors. There is a creamy color, a brown, a brownish gray, and a gray. They come directly from their sheep and llama. Jeff hand cards it and it is just wonderful. So lovely! Then lastly Sharon from Stitchjones brought in some of her hand-dyed sock yarn and fiber. She loves those same vibrant, neon colors that I do and these are just really fabulous! She brought in sock yarn in three different bases, as well as dyed fiber in some different bases as well.

Stitchjones sock yarn at Wynona Studios in Oregon City

Drumcliffe Fiber at Wynona Studios in Oregon City

Drop Spindles at Wynona Studios in Oregon City.

Stitchjones Fiber at Wynona Studios in Oregon City

If you haven’t been in recently, its time to come check it out!


New things at Wynona Studios!

Full shelves at Wynona Studios in historic, downtown Oregon City!

The little shop section of Wynona Studios is starting to look more and more full! We had Deidra from Spinner’s Candy bring in some of her beautiful hand-dyed merino braids and Corriedale X roving. It is so bright and cheerful looking! I just love it!

Then Danielle from Miss Purl brought us some of her stitch marker sets. She does an amazing job of packaging, the colors just all go together so amazingly well. She brought us sets of just stitch markers and then also the sets that are stitch markers plus a little matching box to keep them in. There are even a few that have special handmade beads on them.

The cutest stitch marker sets from Miss Purl at Wynona Studios!

We also have a few new recycled yarns available. My personal favorite is this springy leafy acid green that is 70% merino, 20% silk and 10% cashmere. It was once an Eileen Fischer cardigan and the yarn is wonderfully soft, shiny and has a good twist unlike some recycled yarns. I had a hard time putting it out on the shelves instead of in my knitting bag.

And last but definitely not least, we have the October classes up and ready for you! We are really excited about our classes this month! The theme for October is colorwork and we have many different classes to teach you about different techniques. Anne Berk is returning for two classes, Two-Handed Stranded Knitting on Friday October 15th from 6:30pm-8:30pm and Mosaic Knitting on Saturday October 23rd from 3pm-5pm. Anne is a master knitter, and a great teacher. I was amazed at how many techniques, tips and tricks Anne snuck into the Argyle Sock class she taught. We are also pleased to have Judy Herndon teaching a Drop Spindle Spinning class. If you would like to learn to spin, this is the class for you! It is on October 16th from 11am-1pm and includes an recycled CD spindle and fiber to get you started. Judy will be bringing in some her her husband Carls hand-turned wooden drop spindles (they are GORGEOUS!) and some of her pygora goat fiber, so if you end up falling in love with drop spindle spinning during the class you can purchase some of each and keep on going at home!


The Thursday Thimble Club of Scio, OR

Wynona Studios is named after my great-grandmother, Wynona Kelly. She was a founding member of the Thursday Thimble Club of Scio OR. This group of lovely ladies was founded in 1916, and they got together until they just couldn’t any more in the learly 90′s. They would gather at each others houses on Thursday afternoons and do their mending, knitting, darning, embroidery, and other hand work. They would also gossip, share in good times and bad and enjoy some treats and punch. They would giggle, cry and encourage each other through all the phases of their lives, from young women, to young brides, to young mothers, to empty nesters and grandmothers and great grandmothers. They even had their own song!

We hold “Knit Night” on Thursdays to honor this group of women. We hope that as the attendees for Knit Night grow, that we too will still be gathering together on Thursdays to mend, knit, darn, gossip, laugh and cry together. So come join us on Thursdays from 5:30pm-7:00pm! We would love to see you. (And we promise not to make you sing!)

Thursday Thimble Club

written by Minnie Goar for the 25th Anniversary

Tune – Blest Be the Tie That Binds

On Thursday the Thimble Club meets,

and each one her neighbor can greet.

There’s grandmas and mamas and babies so sweet

All come when our Thimble Club meets.

We quilt or we sew or we darn.

We laugh and we talk and we spin our yarns.

We all feel so gay in our friendly way,

Our work simply goes like a charm.

After we all get to club,

There’s always a sizable gang,

The president raps to stop the chats

And the meeting starts off with a bang.

Then discussions of what we may do

To help those in need that we knew.

To the sick we send flowers- to others give showers.

A happy friendly family are we.


Antique Market Fun!

We had a great time today! Here are a few of the things we saw…


Happy Birthday Grandma O!

Today is my grandmother’s birthday! Velda was born 87 years ago and is still going strong. She is Wynona’s oldest daughter and in the middle of our chain of 7 generations of eldest daughters. We wish her a wonderful birthday and many more to come! (And the socks should be done soon….sorry!)

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