Thank you!

The Rose City Yarn Crawl was an amazing experience for us and we wanted to say a huge, heartfelt thank you to everyone that stopped by and to those of you too far away to come but were thinking of us!

Our patterns were well received and will be available next month for purchase here in the shop. It was some extra work to create to versions, a knit and a crochet, but the response was so overwhelming that it was completely worth it.

The feedback we received from the crawlers was wonderful and thanks to everyone that was so vocal about it. There were some of you out there telling everyone they had to come see us and our kept increasing every day.

Thank you, thank you, thank you and we hope to see you again real soon!


Have you been good? Or at least good at it?

Santa's Wishlist Box at Wynona Studios in Oregon City

As some of your know, we are a remote outpost of the North Pole and have been deputized by the big man himself (Santa Claus) to keep holiday wishlists here at Wynona Studios. We know its a little early, but some of your start your shopping early to be finished before Christmas Eve (what a concept!), so we wanted to let you know about a great service we offer here at Wynona Studios.

You can come in, grab an index card out of the Santa’s Wishlist Box and fill it out with everything you want from Wynona Studios! Then let those friends and family that are shopping for you know to stop by here and check out your card. We are always happy to help with any shopping for those not familiar with the ways of yarn and offer free gift wrapping for anything purchased off a wishlist card. And if there is isn’t anything they think is quite right, we offer gift certificates too.

Last year we had a few very intelligent but yarn clueless husbands stop by, hand over the credit card and tell us to get them $xx.xx worth of “stuff she wants.” They then headed next door for a an amble through the train shop and/or a coffee and the newspaper. We pulled the card, picked what we knew their wife wanted the most off the shelf and when they came back it was all wrapped up and ready to go! One said it was the easiest Christmas shopping he had ever done!

The box is out now and ready for you to come fill out your card! This is a free service and open to anyone that would like to take the time to participate.



I hope all of you yarnaholics out there enjoy I LOVE YARN DAY!! Although, really, here at Wynona Studios, what day is NOT I Love Yarn Day?

We have lots of new yarn to celebrate with!

New yarn from Blissful Knits.
New yarn from Hand-dyed by JJ.
“New” recycled yarn.


Royal Wedding Viewing Party!

We will be at Wynona Studios at 1am in our jammies (tiara’s are optional, as always) to watch the royal wedding live. We will provide the coffee, tea and scones. You bring your current project to work on. JJ will be working on the dolls from Knit your own Royal Wedding to commemorate the occasion. Tammy will be here to assist with her HRH The Queen Cowl if you would like to work on that. If you are not enough of a diehard to get up at 1am to watch the wedding, or would prefer to do so from the comfort of your own bed, we will also be open our normal hours of 10am-6pm. You can stop by and give your impersonation of Joan Rivers on the red carpet as we watch one of the many, many rebroadcastings of the wedding ceremonies.


Earth Day!

What a lovely gift Mother Earth has given us today with this sunshine! I have yarn drying outside for the first time this season!

As you may know, we love the earth here at Wynona Studios! All of our yarn, fiber and other products are produced locally (so locally, that they are all delivered by the people that make them, nothing is shipped to us), or are recycled (locally recycled too!) We do this not only to support our local artisans, but also because we feel it is better environmentally.
We love that all of our local fiber can be traced directly back to the animal that produced it, and the farms are willing to give tours to interested people. So you can purchase fiber from Beulah, spin it up, knit a scarf and then go out to Drumcliffe Farms and show off your scarf and tell Beulah thank you.
We also chose energy efficient lighting, purchased almost all of the furniture for the shop second hand if we didn’t already own it, and even provide cloth towels in the restroom. We produce very little waste, and try to use up everything. Even the little scraps of yarn used to tie up a hank of yarn get saved in the big basket by the winder to use for stuffing. We also support other local businesses through our association with Supportland and hope you will too!
One of the things that is so great about featuring local artisans in the shop is that we get to make lots of new friends that feel the same way we do! One of the newest is Sue Clark. Sue started Natural Harvest Farm and is a beautiful handspinner. Her Romney/Angora roving has been much in demand but is back in stock, as well as some gorgeous yarn spun from it. She also has over 1000 yards of the most stunning 
merino silk handspun in a deep, deep blue available for sale. This is a once in a lifetime yarn for a sweater!
We also saw Candace Wilson from One of a Kind buttons who brought in some beautiful brightly colored hand-made ceramic buttons. I love them all and have a hard time picking my favorites, but the on with “happy” stamped on it might be my favorite of my favorites.
And last but not least our friend Terry sold us her Duncan electric drum carder. We have named her Cardette and she is lovely and making a lot of new friends. Come give her a spin! And lastly, in a genious recycling move, Grandma Linda has been creating these fun, funky, and useful knitting bags from men’s shirts and pillowcases found at the Goodwill. She used the sleeve cuffs for pockets for your straight needles and the shirtfront pockets for other notions. So cute!
Finally, please save the date of May 13th for our YARN TASTING! We will be having this event from 6:30pm-9:00pm and it is completely free. We will have a variety of recycled yarns for you to test drive and get a feel for them. We will be offering a discount of 25% off recycled yarns that evening only. We will be providing libations and nibbles, you just have to show up and have fun. Please RSVP for this event so we know how many to expect. The yarn tasting is limited to the number of people we can squish in here, so sign up early to reserve your spot!
Happy Earth Day!
JJ and Linda

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