Classes posted through December!

I just finished getting the classes through December posted and organized on the website. We have LOTS going on this fall including some returning favorites as well as some brand spanking new classes! You can sign up for classes by clicking on the “CLASSES” tab above.

We are introducing a few new classes but the biggest are our new series. By popular demand we have packaged both our Learn to Knit and Learn to Crochet classes into a series of three classes. This bundles the Learn to, Next Steps and a project class into a three week series. All supplies are included for both series and the cost is $90 per series. We are really excited about this new set of classes and hope you will be too!

Other new classes we are offering:

Felted Soap class taught by the lovely, talented and oh so entertaining Ruth Beck. She will be bringing her handmade soap and you get to use some locally produced fiber to make a felted cover for it. The cost is $35 for this class and includes all supplies. Oct 12th 6pm-8pm.

Fabric Jewelry taught by the whimsical, creative and sparkly Joanna Rood. She will be showing you how to take scraps of pretty fabric and sparkly things like buttons and rhinestones to make fabric yoyos that can be combined to make hair clips, necklaces, bracelets and more. This is a two week class and the class is $50 which includes a yoyo maker and your choice from our selection of fabrics and decorations(although you are welcome to bring any fabric or sparkly things you have at home that you would like to use!). Sept 28th/Oct 5th 6:30pm-8:30pm.

Make Paper Flowers will by taught by our own Grandma Linda. As summer fades, she will show you how to turn tissue paper, crepe paper and even coffee filters into beautiful paper flowers that you can keep all year long. All supplies are included and the cost for this class is $25. Oct 23rd 4pm-6pm.

The talented, patient and oh so smart Anne Berk is back with some returning favorites like Knit Your First Sweater (Nov 15th & 29th, Dec 6th & 13th, $50) but also with some new classes including Finishing Techniques for Hand Knits. This technique filled class will show you how to take your projects to the next level by finishing them off perfectly. Bring in your sweaters, purses, and other projects that are sitting in your knitting basket, finished but not sewn up yet and wear them home! Nov 19th 4pm-7pm, $35. Adding Zippers to Your Knits is a very popular class that will show you how to easily add a zipper to your hand knit cardigan, purse, skirt or pillowcase. Dec 3rd, 12:30pm-3:30pm, $35. And lastly she will be teaching a great holiday gift class on how to Knit Toys! She will show you how to make some fun cute (or funky!) toys for those on your holiday list. Nov 13th, 4pm-7pm $35.

Crochet Frostflower Shawl is here by popular demand! So many people have asked to make this shawl that is displayed in the shop that we have created this class! You will learn to make this modern hexagon granny square shawl that uses the join as you go technique so there is no sewing when you are done. You should know how to make a granny square before taking this class. Bring your own sock yarn (about 1000-1200 yards) and an F or G hook. Cost for this two week class is $45 and includes the pattern. Oct 29th/Nov. 5th 2pm-4pm.

We also have our Learn to Dye class with Sharon Spence the mad genius behind Stitchjones yarn (Oct 29th, 12pm-3pm), spinning classes with Judy, Wrapapalooza and the return of our 6 in 60 holiday gift making fun!

If you have a suggestion or request for a class, please let us know. We are always looking for new ideas!

Hope to see you soon!


November Classes!

Our November classes are live and ready for you to register. November’s theme is cables! We have Beginning Cables, Cabling without a Needle, How to Read a Cable Chart, and Crochet Cables Classes. Our Knit A Long are the famous Dashing and Fetching from Knitty, both are fingerless gloves with cables! And lastly, our Block of the Month is #8 by Kathy Zimmerman, featuring….you guesses it! Cables! It is soooo pretty I can’t wait to start it!

We also have lots of holiday gift project classes in November! Its time to get started on these projects now. We have a lovely and delicate knitted lavender sachet class, a knit ribbed beanie class, a knit cabled scarf class as well as a crochet cabled scarf, two washcloths, and a knitted christmas stocking.

We are also starting our 6 in 60 for $36 workshops this month. These fun workshops give you the opportunity to complete 6 hand-made gifts in 60 minutes and cost on $36! This is like speed-dating for crafters!

Our November special is buy one class, get another class for free! Just pay for the more expensive class and you can take any other class you like…on us! This is limited to two free classes per person. And members still get a 10% discount on the more expensive class.

See you soon!


Change to Two-Handed Stranded Fair Isle Class with Anne Berk

Due to a scheduling conflict we have had to reschedule this class from Friday October 15th from 6:30pm-8:30pm to Wednesday October 27th from 6:30pm-8:30pm. I am sorry for any inconvenience, but hope this date will work as well for anyone interested in the class. We are very excited to be offering this class with Anne and think it will really teach a lot of great colorwork techniques, as well as helping you be more versatile in your regular knitting. If you have any questions or would like to sign up for the class, you can do so online, by giving us a call at (503)974-9193 or stopping by the studio in person.

Remember also, that registering for any class qualifies you for the $10 monthly membership add-on this month! A great deal!


What I have been working on lately….

Sorry folks! I got a little caught up in Facebook. Come join the Wynona Studios page if you are on Facebook….and if you are not, then get on it! I had always resisted Facebook, all through college in my 30′s and while I worked at Disneyland, it was something for the “kids” and always seemed to come with tons of drama. Well, in the last week I have found two wonderful old friends who I had lost track of in various moves. Debbie gave me my first baby shower, 16 years ago when I was expecting Miss Emma. And Sue….well Sue and I worked together (together as in we shared an office and a desk), lived around the corner from each other and our daughters were such best friends we called them M ‘nM (Emma and Emily was too hard to say together). You would have thought we would get sick of each other, but we would talk all day in the office, each lunch together, and then go home and talk about what had happened at work that day. I was sick to have lost her contact information in one of the moves, and am so thrilled to have found her again!

Anyhooooo….here at the studio I have been making these cute little felted kids cardigans. I take an adult wool sweater and felt it to make it much, much, smaller. You might have done this once or twice yourself when one of your wool sweaters ends up in the washer and dryer and comes out tiny. I then cut off the collar, hem ribbing and cuffs and size it proportionally. I add fun little appliques, also from felted wool or cashmere, and embroider. They are so fun to make and turn out so cute! They are for sale here at the shop, so stop by and pick one up for the little sweetheart in your life!

I scream for an Ice Cream Cardigan! Sweet Tweet Bird CardiganRed Flowers Cardigan


Happy Birthday Grandma O!

Today is my grandmother’s birthday! Velda was born 87 years ago and is still going strong. She is Wynona’s oldest daughter and in the middle of our chain of 7 generations of eldest daughters. We wish her a wonderful birthday and many more to come! (And the socks should be done soon….sorry!)


Rae Gordon rocked Wynona Studios during First Friday last night!

What a fun night! Our friend Rae Gordon was one of the featured performers for last nights First Friday Art Walk celebration in historic, downtown Oregon City. We were lucky to get her to play in front of the shop for the evening, with the other live musical act down by Hopp’s.  She got all gussied up a dress that reminded me a bit of the Andrews Sisters and high heels (so not her usual style) so she would match the “vibe” at Wynona. She even sang a song for Willie, our sweet shop dog.  He was so excited he scampered about (so not his usual style). We had tons of people in who had not heard of us before and were excited to take a class, or sit and knit, or weave. We had two lovely ladies in, one of them visiting from Massachussets, who were curious about why we had all the baseballs in the basket (did you know there is YARN inside baseballs?) and wanted to know about deconstructing sweaters. Since they were not able to make the class, I gave them a quick tutorial. We also had a young Emma, who reminded us very much of our teenage Emma, who took our pink feather boa and boogied down to Rae’s singing. She ruled the sidewalk for a good portion of the evening. We had so  much fun….but no camera. So you will just have to take our word for it. And thanks Rae!


First ever First City Celebration tomorrow in Downtown OC!

The very first First City Celebration in historic downtown Oregon City is tomorrow from 11am-8pm.  As some of you may know, Oregon City was the first city west of the Rockies to be incorporated. And you might know that it was the first capital of the Oregon Territory and had the first federal courthouse and land office. But did you know it was where the plats for the brand new little gold rush town of San Francisco were filed? And that they are still here (they might have asked for them back, and we might have said we wanted to keep them)? And did you also know that in 1846 the first newspaper west of the Rockies was in published in Oregon City? And the first telegraph message in Oregon was sent from Oregon City to Portland in 1855? That the first long distance commercial transmission of electricity in the United States was from Willamette Falls in Oregon City to downtown Portland to light up 55 street lights? Or that in 1842 the first book of fiction written in Oregon was authored right here in Oregon City? Oregon City is a city of FIRSTS!

Currently, historic downtown Oregon City is well known for its arts scene, with the cool and hip shops here like Wynona Studios, Oh Shiny!, This ‘n That, Howden Art Gallery, and more but also because of the fun and happening First Fridays Art Walks. The First City Celebration will have over 60 booths of unique artists all down Main Street to celebrate this artistic and creative spirit. There will also be children’s crafts using locally made paper products and my personal favorite, a wine tasting area with local wineries. The party goes from 11am-8pm and we are really excited about it here at Wynona Studios. If you come down to enjoy the day, make sure you stop by and say hi! We are sponsoring the children’s scavenger hunt around downtown, so make sure you pick one up in the children’s area and complete it! Its quite fun!


First City Celebration

Historic Downtown Oregon City

July 31st 11am-8pm

Art, Wine and Children’s Crafts


I don’t know if I have mentioned this…

but we have air conditioning and a ceiling fan! So if you want to come knit in a cool, well-lit, fun place come on down! We would love to see you.  And bring that wool afghan you are working on before you pass out from heat exhaustion in your chair in the living room.

Tile mosaic birdhouse at Wynona Studios in historic downtown Oregon City!


How do you get a hula hoop out of a tree?

Somehow….no one is claiming responsibility…the blue hula hoop from WWKIP Day ended up very high up in one of the trees in the parking lot adjacent to the studio. It apparently was a spontaneous thing…someone was hula hooping so fast it amazingly flew 10 feet in the air onto the branch.

The boys tried very hard to retrieve it before letting me know it was good and stuck. They tried throwing baseballs at it, trying to lasso it with the jumprope, and then resorted to trying to yell it down. After giggling from the back door at Ethan throwing the jumprope and repeatedly hitting himself in the back of the head with the handle (I know…not a nice Mom. But it was FUNNY!) I sent Emma out to help them and went back to work on the bookkeeping.

I vaguely noticed when she came in to get the broom, then started to pay a little better attention when Ethan came in for the roll of packing tape and then got up to go see what was going on when he came back in again for the step ladder. At the back door I saw my brilliant children solving a problem in a….creative way. Emma was on the step ladder and Ethan was sitting on the legs so it would not wobble. She had the jumprope and was throwing it through the bottom of the hula hoop. She got it through the hoop and then used the broom to move the handle down to where she could reach both handles and then tugged hard enough to get it down. We all cheered and someone walking on the sidewalk looked up to see what was going on.

I can only imagine what they thought. So…if you ever need to get a hula hoop out of a tree you know who to call. (Ethan would like me to also let you know that if you need to get a hula hoop into a tree to let him know. He knows a guy that knows a guy. At least, thats his story…and he’s sticking to it. )

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