Welcome to Wynona Studios!

Wynona Studios

Wynona Studios

719 Main St

Oregon City, OR 97045

United States

(503) 974-9193

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The Crew


The name “Wynona” means “eldest daughter” in several Native American languages. We come from an unbroken chain of eldest daughters, going back more than 5 generations. We cultivate a community between artist, student, and teacher, and we look forward to welcoming you into our community.



Wynona Studios is an open, relaxed studio atmosphere where you can come to play with paper, paint, and fiber. We offer a place where you can learn to knit, crochet, spin, felt, dye with fiber, paint objects/furniture, decoupage, have parties and celebrations, knit-and crochet-alongs, and make cool things!


You can purchase a monthly membership to enjoy the studio space whenever we are open, a punchcard to come in whenever it is convenient, or pay by the day.


We have spinning wheels, weaving looms, sewing machines, winders and swifts, big tables, and a dye studio. This is a place to get together and talk about the projects we are working on, classes, events and anything else!

Willson Baxter Bell Foster, Studio Dog

Willson Baxter Bell Foster, Studio Dog


Don’t forget to say hello to Studio Dog, Willson Baxter Bell Foster! He even has his own business card!!


We have a very limited supply of yarn available for purchase, mostly recycled yarns and “bare” yarn for dyeing. We offer many diverse classes and knit- and crochet-alongs as well as company, encouragement and advice when needed.


Wynona Studios is different from the average art studio – we love being in the heart of historic downtown Oregon City. We get a lot of foot traffic in the studio and we look forward to expanding our retail hours and sales, and having fun craft parties!

Hours & Directions

Wed - Sun:
10:00AM – 06:00PM
Mon and Tues:
Available for special events.


The Crew:

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9 comments on “Welcome to Wynona Studios!

  1. Helleojagasip on said:

    Hi VEry nice posts i’sure i’sts nice

  2. Pingback: New Friends and Grand Openings

  3. Paula Lewis on said:

    Greetings, nice ladies. I’m a “Wynona” too– the eldest of 5 daughters. And we rule! I’ve been searching for a drop-in spot to knit, and your shop has the required comfy chairs. I am *so* looking forward to becoming a fixture.

  4. Paula Lewis on said:

    Knitting (crocheting) and chatting with you ladies is da bomb! And Linda: I remember now… Merry Pranksters!

  5. Thanks for coming to Knit Night Paula! You were the life of the party!

  6. stitch jones on said:

    I love Wynona Studios!

  7. Susan Hockema on said:

    Hello, cousins! Just writing your Christmas card and was near a computer where I could -finally- check out your website. I love it, and I cannot wait to trek North and see it in person. I can already tell I will need at least a whole day just in the shop. Love how your shop honors Grandma Kelly, and I know she would be so tickled. Just love the website. Keep up the good work. I feel a little seed germinating in my head about getting Mom and Riley to come on a road trip…love you guys!! -Susan

  8. Tammy on said:

    Hugs and (Hershey) Kisses with a scratch and a cookie for Wilson, from Boise! Love, love, LOVE this shop, recommend it to everyone whether a crafter or someone creative looking for inspiration …

  9. Rae Gordon on said:

    Hey Linda!

    Got this email and thought I’d pass it on to you. Hope all is well! Love, Rae

    Today is Jon’s 50th birthday, so let’s deluge his inbox with well-wishes and cheer! Send this email on to anyone else you think could help us clog up his email…


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